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New projects are always in development. Visit our project pages to learn more about them, their progress, and how you can get involved. 

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Founded in 2020, Exequtive Entertainment, LLC was created in hopes to slowly, but powerfully, rebuild the performing arts industry. A producer of theatre, television, film, music, and more, Exequtive Entertainment strives to produce evocative, energized, and effervescent work. Exequtive Entertainment believes in a rigorous process, frequent presentations, and consistent, polished products of the highest quality.

Exequtive Entertainment believes in an open process: inviting patrons, audiences, donors, and artists into the developmental process. In a time where access to work is unpredictable, Exequtive Entertainment is dedicated to bringing work to those who love and support it. 

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Kelsey Sentieo

Working with Quentin is always such a joy! He has a clear vision of what he wants his projects to look like, but is also open to input from the performers themselves. He brings a positive attitude and creates an incredibly safe work environment. Anyone would be lucky to work with a treasure like Quentin.

Vinny Eden Ortega

Vinny Eden Ortega

When I think of Quentin Madia as a producer, the words that come to mind are Commitment and Consistency. After collaborating with him on 14 stage productions and numerous special events of varying scale, Mr. Madia has consistently proven unwavering commitment in everything he does. Whenever I see Quentin is a on project I know it’s going to be smooth sailing to success. 

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