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Non-Binary, Gender Queer, Gender FluidWhere Can I Find Me In Media?

Happy pride month! As a member of the alphabet mafia, I love to surround myself with as much gayness as possible in this month. As someone who believes gender and sexuality are just huge spectrums, I am always looking for nonbinary representation in media! One thing that I notice is non-binary has become almost the third gender, “They/them”, the in between! I’m here to tell you that Non-binary is really just one term that people use to describe themselves! Genderless, genderqueer, genderfluid, enby, pangender, and agender are a few other terms to look up and surround yourself with!

If you’ve read any of my past articles, you’ll know that I believe that media is all about representing everyone. Therefore, I had a lot of fun gathering all this info of genderqueer characters for you guys!

She-Ra and the Princess of Power – Double Trouble

Double Trouble is a nonbinary shape shifter in this world FULL of amazing gay characters. This is one of my absolute favorite shows, and homophobia simply doesn’t exist in this world. I adore it, it’s my safe space, check it out.

The Good Place – Janet

While Janet is often seen as a woman, they make it clear that they are genderless! There is an ongoing joke where their love interest calls them “Girl” and they respond, “Not a girl!”

Steven Universe – So Many Characters

So many characters in this show are sexless beings, who are super gay and super awesome to watch. One perfect example is Garnet. This character is the merging of two sexless (feminine representing) members of the Crystal Gems who are totally in love. It sounds complicated, but trust me, this show is worth the watch.

They – J

J is a trans teens who identifies as someone who is gender fluid.

Star Trek: Discovery – Adira Tal

Adira is a super intelligent, wicked cool non-binary character who comes out on the show!

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – Mo

Mo is gender fluid! Love this show.

The Umbrella Academy – Klaus

Klaus uses both he/him and they//them pronouns, and has been referred to as neither male nor female.

I also love following Nonbinary actors, so here are a few who are absolute stars, and who you should be following their work!

Ruby Rose has been outspoken about being a genderfluid lesbian, and is the icon we didn’t know we needed. She uses She/Her pronouns, and you can catch her in Batwoman, Resident Evil, and John Wick, as well as Orange is the New Black.

Indya Moore plays Angel on Pose, and Goddess in Queen and Slim. They use they/them pronouns and are an absolute star who brings power to every part they play.

Jacob Tobia uses they/them pronouns, and is a LGBT rights activist, producer, host, and actor. You can catch them in The T Word, True Life: I’m Genderqueer, and She-Ra and the Princess of Power.

Ezra Miller is comfortable with all pronouns, and has played a variety of roles. You can find them in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Justice League, and Flash.

Liv Hewson is an Actor and Playwright who uses they/them pronouns. You can catch them in Santa Clarita Diet, Let It Snow, or Bombshell.

Amandla Stenberg is non-binary, and has used they/them pronouns in the past, but has said they don’t need those pronouns to feel comfortable. You can see her in The Hate You Give, or The Hunger Games.

Nico Tortorella is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns! You can find them in Younger or Space Between. They are very open about their gender and their spouses gender.

Bex Taylor-Klaus identifies as trans non binary. You can find them in Dumplin, The Killing, Scream, and Arrow.

Some singers that consider themselves genderqueer or genderfluid are Sam Smith, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus.

I hope this representation helps you feel more you! You are powerful, and your gender is yours to own, however you want! I would encourage those of you who are creative to stop thinking about genders in the binary. Our society is constantly reaffirming this idea that men and women are the go-to. When you’re creating, confront your own biases, and nurture art that is more inclusive. Need help? Check out the links below.

Here is a glossary of terms that can help you:

Writing a genderqueer character?

Need support?

Noura Boustany Jost is an actress, writer and videographer currently residing in New York City. Noura is passionate about social activism, and is often creating work that has political and social impact on today's society. She jumps into the hard topics, and helps tell stories for those who can't tell them themselves. Noura is currently working on publishing her poetry book, "Be My Ocean," and writing her novel. When Noura isn't working, you can find her gaming, hanging out with her two cats, or trying very hard to learn how to rollerskate. For more information on Noura please visit


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